Food Philosophy

My 5 basic principles

Grand Marais, MI - Lake Superior

#1) Eat real food.

Eliminating processed foods is key in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consuming foods that are closest to their natural state as much as possible brings our bodies closer to the natural world and closer to our "set  weight." 

#2) Zero scales.

I believe weight scales are nothing more than white noise. You will know the optimal weight for you by the way you feel. If weight-loss is your goal, by becoming aware of how your body responds to food, if you do in fact need to lose weight for health purposes, weight-loss will happen. Trust me. 

#3) No templates.

I believe there are a few things that can be shifted and work for just about everyone, the rest depends on each individual person.

#4) Embrace patience.

When transforming your lifestyle, you are not just breaking one habit. You are breaking years of countless small habits and re-learning what health means to you and your body. This takes time and great awareness.

#5) Nourish, then exercise.

I believe that what you eat has a far greater impact on their health than exercise. Exercise will then support you in living a healthy lifestyle.

My body responds well to gentle exercise such as walking, jogging, hiking, light weight-training and yoga. 

We all must find what works well for us.

With Love,